RedTools by Ric Robertson • Trinity • Titanium Custom Anodization w/ Mokume Weights • Exotic Realness

This is by no means a new spinner to the scene, in fact the days of this spinner have come and gone…and rumor has it might possibly be coming back again in the near future. What I can tell you is this piece in particular is a beauty! Personally I find it light, but it is Titanium it is supposed to be light. I think that since I purchased this spinner and now I have some to prefer spinners that sport a little more weight, but that is just an opinion.

The style of the spinner is top notch. I think the look of it is great, along with the large size pressed in mokume weights. As far as I know this was the 1st spinner that used mokume weights….but maybe there were some before it I can’t claim that to be a snopes-able fact! Needless to say, this was one of the 1st spinners on the open market that used exotic metals in it’s manufacturing…and that has to be noted as the market now is completely flooded with exotic metal spinners in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. For what you got this spinner sells for a reasonable price. Originally fetching $300 retail and only available thru the RedTools group run by Ric Robertson. Now you can sometimes find them used on the forums for $10-$150.

This spinner weighs 60.5 grams.

R-188 Bearing. The spin time in hand comes in just at 2:00 mins.

Comes with certification card.

There are some very slight hot spots on the corners but that is what gives it that look. It’s not much different then a Tri-Stubby in that regard…just slightly hotter.

If you are interested in purchasing this spinner head over to the VAULT section at and see if it is still available. Who knows today might be your lucky day!


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