Flyaway Toys • Malestrom • Love it or Hate it…it’s still a classic!

You really can’t deny that the Malestrom by Flyaway Toys is a unique design that people either love or hate….but I think most will agree that the Malestrom is one of the classic styles in the world of spinners. The Malestrom was introduced to the market in full size and mini size brass models. Flyaway Toys eventually released a Titanium model and soon discontinued the brass models. The Titanium was an instant hit and was the secret love of Rich and Alison at Flyaway because they love to do the customized Anodizing on the Titanium as many of you in the spinner community have come to know.

Personally I was sad to see the brass line go as both the mini and full size were really nice both style wise as well as the added weight in both size classes. The full size brass was one of the first nicer spinners that I ever owned back in my early days of collecting. My son and I started learning tricks using the Malestrom as one of the ones we likes to use due to the larger buttons that is has. Both the Mini and the Full size are GREAT for tricks!!

Back to the Anodizing…boy have they got that down to an artform and a science at Flyaway…each time they release some new styles they keep pushing the envelope and trying new is a great progress to watch over at

There is also a KILLER selection of the Malestrom and other models at as well!

They not only have a nice selection of the Titanium spinners that are anodized, they have a few new items on there like Beglari beads and other EDC items that they have custom anodized as well.


The Anodized Maltestrom’s that we have featured in this article can be purchased at

There they have plain non-anodized Ti Malestrom, Original Brass Malestrom along with some custom Anodized Malestroms and other models from Flyaway like the Tsunami and the Tri Falcon and the classic Mini Falcon.

In my opinion the Malestrom line is a classic. While I have moved on to other, more sophisticated models and makers the Malestrom will always have a special place in my heart and in my permanent collection, especially the full size brass on that I decided to custom hammer on. That one is mine for life now.


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