Titan Ring Designs • Propeller Spinner in Titanium by Trevor Hirschi • Collector’s Item all the way!

This is the epitome of a full on collector’s item only, which I pretty much knew when I got it..and was partially what fueled my desire to have one. The maker, Trevor Hirschi,  posted a pre-order page have a few variations but only two body color offerings, and the 1st run of 25 that had the anodized tips in blue with matching buttons had sold out by the time I had decided that I needed to check one out.

I contacted Trevor to see if he would drop a version that was essentially the opposite of he 1st run anodized that he did, having the majority of the body be blue with the tips being bare. He was happy to oblige therefore this is the story behind why the case I have here sports the 1/25 number.

The case is a killer, customized, mini pelican case. The spinner in the case and with attached carabiner weighs 206 grams, the spinner by itself weighs 17.5 grams. 25 seconds is the average in hand spin time that I get…so this is not for those that long for the lengthy spintimes.

This is however totally for the high end collector as the milling work is superb on this piece. If you are into aviation too is is a marvelous piece to have and appreciate. Trevor recently released information about designing a stand to host the spinner….he has also started to take pre-order for a tri-propeller redtitio of this spinner.

I had this spinner for sale at my webstore www.coolestshop.com, click over and take a look at the OWNER’S VAULT section that I am starting off with a BANG by offering this one. Gotta pay the bills. Take a look at the link for more specific information about the spinner.  This spinner sold in record time…smart move considering I forgot to mention how long it took for me to actually get the spinner after I placed the order for it. This will ship to the NEW owner today via insured USPS postal service from my shop here in Kula HAWAII. Thanks for the support…I have a lot of ‘research’ purchases that will be listed and sold on the same page so bookmark it if you like and check it often, you never know what might pop up there next. 


UPDATE 1-26-2018
There is #24/25 posted for sale now at a reasonable price from a well vetted seller.  Click HERE to see if it is still for sale. $499 was price when this was posted.

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