Focus Works • Revolver & Mag 4 Spinning Tops • Spin Quality & Good Value

Jordy Wallace at Focus Works is a designer…who likes to spin things. It is hard to ignore that obvious fact that Jordy not only makes tops…he spins them as well. Not to say that it is unique for a maker to also be an enthusiast in fact that is quite common, but you can feel the passion differently with some makers and with Jordy his passion for things that spin is very strong.

I have to admit I got into the scene more from the fidget spinner angle. I have purchased one spinning item from Chris Ables but since it had no stem it was not technically a top so I think that the Revolver might be the 1st in this category that I have ever used. That being said please take into account I am a novice at spinning top culture and history.

My Hopi friends make them by hand outta wood, as do some other artists I know that turn then out of wood on a lathe.. I have always love tops…what’s not to love. I guess I never realized that so much joy could come from a top that is oh so small.

The Revolver got its name from it’s design being modeled after a revolver bullet chamber. The Stem is shaped like a bullet. You can’t get more literal then that. Super well balanced and just a beauty when spinning and when sitting still. The body is made of Stainless Steel and a copper stem, the model that I have is  flamed and compliments the color of the stem very well. Spin times are over 5 mins if you can throw it good. The Revolver weighs 35 grams.

The Mag 4 is another beauty from Focus Works. In fact it is one in a line of Mag wheel inspired designs all having different amounts and shapes of the inner spokes. The Mag 4 features 4 spokes set on 90 degree angles form the outer round frame. It is machined out of a solid piece of brass and is very very well balanced. One of the coolest things about the Mag 4 is the sound it makes when you release it for a good spin. There is a nice chime sound it emits due to it’s design. I can get this to spin for 5 mins easy but someone with a little more experience can get 8 min or more from this little beast. The Mag 4 weighs 18 grams.

Focus Works recently took tops to the next level by releasing a top called the Tulle which is made to look like a dancer dancing. You can see that top here:

It was originally a pre-order only item but I think he might have a few more to sell now…but not for long. If I didn’t have like a billion $$ into spinners I need to move I would be snagging up one of the Tulles for myself. If you grab one and you want to review it on spinreview….shoot me a email at Aloha!

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