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First off let’s point off the obvious shall we… Jordy Wallace of Focus Works is a designer, and a pretty darn unique one at that. Up until recently he has been known in the spinning top scene for classic spinning tops like the Revolver, the Mag 4 and most recently the Tulle top modeled after a ballerina. So Jordy decoded to to some fidget spinners. First he dropped the Stinger, which I have to say looks like a very cool design concept. I personally have not spun one so I cannot comment on it at the moment…today kids I am going to discuss the Supercollider Fidget Spinner. I like to call it the Supercollector because it is truly a collectors item.

This is a design masterpiece in my opinion. Starting with the case and pulling out all the stops. Even comes with it’s very own, uber functional tool for opening the bearing retention system. Let’s talk about that case though why don’t we? It’s the first thing you put in your hand, well actually the tool is in the packaging first…so you technically touch that first…but you quickly put it down for the case…and dang it man this is one BADASS case! Felt lined and 3d machined out of Aluminum. There are high powered magnets, 2 on each side…so powerful that when you open it you might be fooled to think the case is hinged because it will actually open and perform a hinged like opening because you have to intentionally separate the magnets to fully remove the top from the bottom of the case.  It has a great feel in your hand or in your pocket. You are getting what I would say is hands down the coolest case being offered by a maker.

So this is a collectors piece, not just because of the price but because it just is. There is so much thought that has been put into this. Just read the story the Jordy has published on the Focus Works site about the Supercollider:
My Supercollider design concept came to me in May of 2016 while sitting on my couch at home.  I was looking through Facebook and saw a picture of the inside of the CERN supercollider and all I could see was a top.  At the time I was only making precision spinning tops and I had a design in about 3 hours ready for machining.  That top set me off down the road of high end milled tops and I haven’t looked back.  About three months after that I came out with Supercollider 2 which was very successful.

The Supercollider design concept is to have sculpted arms reaching over a inner core and the Supercollider Spinner is no different.  In fact I went all out and made the most shape I could reasonably put into the arms of the cage and made them as thin and delicate as I figured was possible to machine.  I wanted every aspect of the design to work with the arms.  You’ll notice that the blued stainless core has shallow pockets cut in it.  These pockets are the same shape as the arms.  The blued stainless steel buttons have an aggressively milled pattern in them to again match the design of the rest of the spinner and also to give a massive amount of grip to this heavy spinner.  

This spinner is a little unusual in that it has two custom made for FocusWorks full ceramic R188 bearings stacked in it.  This arrangement makes for a very stable spin.  The bearings are retained by a brass threaded retainer that can be unscrewed using the included custom wrench.  This retainer does NOT locate the bearing in any way.  All it does is clamp them together into the core.

While I was prototyping the SCS I struggled with how to package this spinner.  Until I realized that I should make a case for it.  I already have experience with that from making cases for tops.  What better way to protect your expensive spinner than in a fitted felt lined 3D machined aluminum case.  The cases are black anodized aluminum and are felt lined in black.  They close tightly using magnets.  I’ve been carrying the prototype for a couple months and have never had it open by accident yet.  I sculpted the outside to have no hot spots that will dig into your leg while it rides in your pocket.  Your SCS will come inside it’s case and the case will be encased in foam in a white FocusWorks box along with the stainless steel wrench.

There is a lot of time, passion and effort put into everything that  Focus Works makes and this spinner is no exception. There is not another one even remotely like it on the market. It is beefy chunky and weighs in at  136 grams for the spinner and 196 with the spinner in the case… so actually not really that heavy for how large it is. Spin times will vary a lot depending on how you choose to run your bearings. Jordy likes em lubed up…and shipped out the 1st batch of them that way. They got about a 1 min spin time out of the box. Drying the bearings can more than double the spin time I believe. I will be experimenting with that and adding my results as I have them.

I just keep reminding myself that this is art. Yes the retail is $450 but you get a full package. There are plenty of high end “art” spinners that cost the same or more that only come with a cardboard box, crappy tin or a little felt baggy. This thing comes with a proper case that you can carry too! Win, win, win all the way!

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