Bathgate • Ratchet • Instant Classic • (Addictive as &%^&!)

Damn I thought 2018 was going to be the year of the Knuckle Roller but with the Ratchet making its way onto the market at the onset of the year….I just do know what to expect because this thing is addictive as $^&@&! Straight up! I wanted to hate this thing…cause I can barely afford to justify keeping it, but after exploring it more I have found it harder and harder to put it down. I think we are becoming fast friends. What have you done Chris Bathgate?

Now let’s talk about size…it is a great feel in your hand….very substantial. That being said I do feel that it’s size and weight, it weighs  209 grams, I find it hard to imagine using this as an everyday carry. It is quite bulky in the pocket without any kind of case around it, and who is gonna not carry this protected so…I fell like maybe if this is popular enough it might warrant offering a mini version for those that want to pocket carry a ratchet more discretely….and I really do want to carry this thing because it is freaking great to use.

At first I wasn’t sold on its functionality…I took it out…click it around and all that and did not really freak out…but I needed to write a review so I took it out some more…started really going for it and eventually it had me hooked. See you can use it a few ways…you can hold it the palm of your hand and push the moving ratchet parts forward with your thumb…and no matter what direction it is facing it feels like you push your thumb forwards to make it move. What I find most interesting is that when you hold the Ratchet on the tip end, touching just the steel core, and spin the colored parts around there is a specific direction that it will go…so somehow my mind is playing tricks on me when I hold it on the palm of my hand. Hard to explain….might try to add a video to explain this better.

So as you can see I got the purple one….there were a total of 4 colors offered on the initial run. There was also a recent release of a uber limited run featuring different color combinations. Those are sure to show up for big buck on the aftermarket…or will they? I feel like this item is going to really become ‘used’ by its owners and that it’s release might just spark the industry to start looking more into the clickers and rollers scene more than just items that spin….but who knows. All I can say is mini Ratchet sign up please? Thanks Chris Bathgate for making this super addictive chunk of ART!


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