Aluma FX • 6 Shooter • Top Ten Status

Wes Treihaft is the designer and maker behind the Aluma FX line of Fidget Spinners. If you are in the spin scene then you already know that his spinners are well loved by those that own them. Surprisingly they have not been uber cloned like some of the other unique spinners featuring ball weights like his. This model here is the classic brass body with Tungsten balls for the weights. Giving this a weight of 68.5 grams.

These are very very well balanced and give a 3 min 30 second spun time in hand right out of the packaging. Most people will agree there is a unique torque you get when spinning the 6 shooter that has a great feel when spinning. Uber smooth….and if you like warps this thing has one awesome warp factor! Nothing else warps like these do.

The buttons have a great shape to them too, there is a slight concavity to them which a lot of makers avios to save some time and money but leaving you with a less functional button that is flat. These buttons work great for standard spinning as well as tricks too.

If you are looking to purchase one you can find them here at, where you can also find a few other models offered by Aluma FX. You can also try to contact Wes Treilhaft through FB too if you like.
All in all this is by far a spinner that will be hard to boot from your top 10 as it offers things that no other spinner can…so once you find you like it good luck changing your mind cause this is a winner all the way! For those wanting to try to style but at a lower price and weight there should be some Stainless Steel ball versions coming out in 2018 to help get them in the hand of those that do not want to spent over $100 for a spinner…yet 😛

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