Steampunk • Phat Boy Nano • Damasteel • Size Matters

This spinner is amazingly awesome for how freeking small it is. It is smaller in diameter than a quarter. It weighs in at a whopping 21.5 grams and it spins silent…with those tiny balls. Here is a description of the bearings off the Steampunk website:
Features an UNBELIEVABLE custom bearing with tiny balls (I know, we get it) that spin like 100% ceramic on steroids. It is in fact, hybrid ceramic and contains Grade 5 ceramic Si3N4 balls that allow the bearing to spin 50% faster than a traditional steel bearing. They come Lube Dry and have been cleaned and are free of all grease and oils. So this thing ROCKS out of the BOX.

It does really rock out of the box. I get just under or at a one minute spin time in my hand…but that is a lot for such alight spinner. It is truly in a class of it’s own being this size and being made out of solid Damasteel Heimskfingla steel. This spinner is really a joy to spin and very easy to carry. Since it spins so quietly it is a great spinner to use in situations where a loud one might be a distraction.

These are not made all the time so act while you can. They have them available at the Steampunk website as well as over at

Check em out!

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