Steampunk – Phat Boy – Copper – I’m Not A Playa I Just Spin A Lot

 A.K.A. the BIG PUN in the spin game 😛

You know about the Phat Boy by Steampunk Spinners kids? It is milled from a ½” thick slab and this one is grade A Copper…so it packs a nice heft to it! Mine weighs in at 166.5 grams and boy does the Phat Boy patina nice eh? PHATTY brass buttons too!! I have cleaned it off with a light lemon juice solution, that brings it back to a factory finish on the patina. I did that once awhile back…got a nice patina to it now. It work take off scratches but eh….if you are not scratching your spinner you are not having enough fun with it.

Now Steampunk offers this same spinner with the R188 core as an option. This one has a Full Ceramic 608 bearing in it and I loves it. I have had this for months now and I just pulled a 3:15 min in hand spin…and got similar time with a table spin.

Look at all the surface area on these buttons! They are huge like bigger than a 50 cent piece IF you kids even have held a 50 cent piece in your hand :P. Man just realized those COIN caps that are being sold on ETSY would B CASH $$ on this spinner 😛 Anyway, for realz….the buttons are HUGE….love them…and this makes this spinner a winner for doing tricks. Even at 1665 grams I love throwing this up for some aerial maneuvers…just over somewhere that it can safely land and not break anything including my toe!


The fact is that I like the Phat Boy so much that I talked with Joe Garritano about modeling a 808 Spinner off the Phat Boy specs….which led to the 808 Spinner Gen 2 being born which sports the same buttons and thickness as the Phat Boy.

All in all this is a classic…check out Steampunk as they have recently released some amazing Hard Anodized Aluminum Phat Boys that have stellar art on them….amazing. They always keep the goods fresh and quality. Gotta love that.

Phat Boy is a winner. Nuff said…and they have some original 608 bearing PHAT BOYS in Copper available here. Check it!

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