Hogdoggins – Triple Ballbuster – Top Shelf Hog Heaven

This spinner was the very first spinner that I paid over $200 for….I believe that the retail was I think  $230 and I remember thinking to myself, “Garth, WTF are you thinking? $230 for a spinner you are out of your mind!!!!” and maybe I am but that’s OK! What can I say I studied Metalsmithing at the University Of Oregon…seeing all the details and efforts on items like this one just get me juiced to support the scene.

First off this is made of naval brass…not just average ass brass. The difference is in the feel and the way that is patinas over time. This thing is just beautiful…I think I have owned this spinner for around 6 months at the time of this review. The weight of this thing is just superb weighing in at 101 grams. There was a version similar to this one but without the details on the buttons that this one has. On one side it had the Hogdoggins logo etched in there which is really nice, and it have a really deep concavity to it making it really great to use while spinning all that weight in your hand. The other button has no logo on it but sports these 3 really deep machined hash marks…that I just love using on my fingerpad…the traction they give is hard to match in other buttons.

My in hand hard spin time right now is clocking in just at 2:00 mins…not too shabby considering that I do not recall doing too much to service the bearing in there over the 6 months…maybe one cleaning??? Can’t recall exactly. For table spins I got similar times. I assume that the higher spin time is due the the ball weights being Tungsten which is very dense and adds a lot of added weight to this bad boy.

The last but definitely not the least part of this package is the leather case…when this was on pre-order and when it dropped this was not available. It came available after the release by maybe a month or so…and cast $35 retail as it is made of really nice leather. Maker Bryant Hamblen sent out an email to all of the customers that had purchased one of these and offered to send one to them for free all that you had to do was pay $5 shipping. Talk about great customer service. That really sold the package and I have to say that this spinner would be very very tough for me to get rid of at this time as it is a pure joy to spin, is great for tricks and damn ain’t she pretty….for a pig!!!

Check the link below for the goods…he just dropped some more of the bar spinner in this style…hop on that sheet you PIGS!!!!


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