Chris Bathgate – Artifact – The Grail of All Grails?

Where does one start discussing a piece of this nature? I just do not know…for starters let us gaze upon the form…as Mr. Bathgate is a self proclaimed sculptor right…so it’s the form we should consider first should we not?

There are layers to this thing…in fact Chris talked about his approach to his form that he made in his original blog post regarding the project he did in collaboration with Revolve makers:

In the post he discusses his thoughts regarding most spinners do not try to hide that they are made out of bar stock….

So that was sort of my charge with this design, to break from this flat-bar mold and push the geometry into something that was not reflective of the starting stock. I wanted to find complexity within the relatively simple design that is the spinner.

But as an aside, I rather intentionally included the brass plate in the middle of this design, as a sort of reference to the flat stock criticism I was working against. As maybe a contrast, or some intentional dissonance, maybe even affection for those who came before, I think it is likely a little of each.

Yes…we see that inner plate Chris…nice ode to the boring spinner there. Love how you took and placed a 3d sculpture on there…and tacked it down with these lovely round brass pins. I also have to point out the that buttons are held together with magnets. Not my favorite but they work pretty well. I love love love the cut outs on the caps…reminds me of the non logo button on the Triple Ball Buster by Hogdoggins that I reviewed recently. Very similar in fact.

Wow the detail to the form and to the finish. Yes the form is spectacular….but the finish put on the metals is perfect too.

The R188 bearing is nice and helps it to spin very smoothly. This combined with it’s hefty weight of 153 grams helps it to achieve the impressive 4:00+ min spin times I have been able to get.  I will not lie that due to how much I had to trade in order to acquire this thing has made it hard to justify spinning it a whole ton but for the little time I have spent with it it had proven to have some very unique characteristics not only to how it looks but to how it spins too.

Of course this thing came with an amazing carrying case that is made of super supple leather with matching brass hardware for the closure mechanism.

It also comes with a card of authenticity with the edition number that it holds. I forgot to snap a pic of that. Will try to amend the post later with that.

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