Ultraspinners Ergo Delta Review – it’s A BEAUTY & A BEAST

This is a perfect specimen to be the first review published on spin review.com because it is such a well thought out piece. Like the title says it’s a beauty and a beast. Look at her…she just looks good! You can’t deny that. Then you hold her in your hand and she is a beast. The Tungsten core gives it an awesome heft…and the subtly etched Damasteel faceplates that are applied to the Tungsten core to make complete the original Ergo body design. In your hand it is an Ergo…no way around it. The corners are a little more ‘hot’ then a traditional Ergo due to the natural patterns in the Damasteel being reveled thru the etching process I believe. Not that it is really that noticeable but if you are a Ergo owner this might be the only thing you notice between your other models and this one. All in all at the retail price point of $249 you really can’t go wrong in my opinion.

Now lets take a look under the hood:
That Tungsten core is wire cut…saving material and allowing Ultraspinners to create such a unique hybrid machine. And for now all of the pieces have been sporting a individual serial number….this one being #6 ever made.

I think that placing the serial number right onto the spinner is the best way to go and adds the most value. If the serial number being placed right not the spinner is not enough for you, they also include this anodized aluminum collectors card that also sports the custom serial number….good luck cloning this one cloners. Not gonna happen.

I do not give scores with reviews…just my opinions. At this point in time I do not see myself ever wanting to part with this spinner so therefore it has made it into the ranks of being reviewed. If I like one well enough to struggle with parting with it I will do my best to find the free time to share my thoughts and pics with you. Have a great day and spin on and on and on.

Tech notes:

Max in hand spin time achieved has been 1:20 seconds, averaging more like 1:10…spinning very fast and strong thru about 35 seconds before tapering off in speed and force.

Button flame option: Flamed Level 2 SS Ridged

For more information on purchasing one of these check out ultraspinners.com and the product page here:


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